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This website is the outcome of three European projects Grundtvig Learning Partnership planned and coordinated by FENICE: “Languages and Integration through Singing” dedicated to Italian, Romanian and Russian, “French and Spanish language competence through songs” (FRESCO) concerning French & Spanish and "Find A Delightful Opportunity to learn Portuguese through Internet and songs” (FADO) devoted to Portuguese.

The aim of this site. produced by a team of teachers from several countries, is to spread a method for teaching/learning a foreign language based on the use of videos, karaoke and songs. The teaching materials inserted in this site can be used by teachers of Italian, Romanian, Russian, French Spanish and Portuguese interested in using songs in their classroom, by their pupils who wish to practise at home and, finally, by autonomous learners. To use the materials at their best students should be at least at the A1 level of the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR). The linguistic levels mainly used in this site are between A2 and B2.

The materials for the learning of Italian have been tested in 12 institutions of 4 countries on 469 students of various ages. The evaluation form filled in by the teachers at the end of the piloting phase has confirmed their quality and effectiveness.

The “Karaoke & exercises” page contains, for each song, the lyrics, a video, a karaoke, a worksheet and a file with the keys to help the learners’ self-assessment.

Besides the language exercises, the worksheet contains information relating to the history, culture and traditions of the country whose language the student is learning, musical themes, glossaries, grammar contents and oral exercises with the use of karaoke. In order to allow teachers and learners to choose the best option for their objectives, at the beginning of each worksheet we have specified

1. LEVEL: what CEFR level the song is for;

2. FOCUS: grammar and vocabulary practised in the song;

3. TIME: the length of the activity.

In the teachers’ area we have inserted the Guidelines for teachers interested in using this method in their teaching practice and in the creation of their own teaching material.

Some teachers accepted our invitation and their didactic materials, created while following this method, have been added to the worksheets written by the project’s partners and their names have been added to the authors’ list.



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