Instituto Cervantes is a public institution created by Spain in 1991 for the promotion and teaching of Spanish language and the rest of official languages in Spain and for the aim of dissemination of Spanish and Latin American culture. It is located in 86 cities in 43 countries of five continents.

The Spanish Virtual Classroom (AVE) is an Internet learning environment created by the Cervantes Institute for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and to deliver teacher training courses.

marcoELE is an electronic journal dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Its aim is to provide teacher / ELE with specific material for improving their language knowledge and for teaching. is a virtual space for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language and second. Here you will find information, materials and resources for teaching Spanish.

Puntoycoma is a magazine of current events written by journalists and experts in a variety of topics. It offers a broad spectrum of subjects centered on the social and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America, while remaining open to international events. Puntoycoma is aimed at students with an intermediate to advanced level (advanced and superior levels of the Instituto Cervantes, and levels B2, C1 and C2 of the European Reference Framework).

European Commission Translators' pick of useful sites for Spanish terminology. A wide variety of newspapers, magazines, authentic materials, radio programs and books are to find in the web.

Web of the first Spanish public television where you can watch online most of the broadcasted programs.

Web Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, where you can check online the dictionary entries..

The Foundation of Urgent Spanish-Fundéu BBVA is a nonprofit institution whose main objective is to promote the proper use of Spanish in media. Born in the year 2005 due to an agreement between the Agency and the bank BBVA Efe. It’s contents are supported by the Royal Spanish Academy.

AulaDiez offers different types of exercises in Spanish as writing exercises, reading comprehension exercises, multiple choice, listening exercises, matching exercises, etc.. The exercises are immediately corrected online.

Chapters series developed by the BBC for learning Spanish with transcripts and exercises on each chapter.

This website was started for students, with the idea that they must enjoy their learning experience and have fun while they learn. It is an interactive website for learning Spanish. It comprises games, cultural aspects, grammar and spelling. All these are structured into lessons ranging from easy to intermediary and difficult. It also offers printable exercises, questions and many helpful documents.

This site is an interactive multimedia language course of Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and English, that aims to improve listening and speaking skills. It comprises 14 lessons that include animations, interactive exercises, listening and repeat and games. It comprises most of the daily situations encountered and teaches the user how to effectively communicate within them.

This page offers Spanish exercises for foreigners. It deals with vocabulary, grammar and also has listening exercises, approaching these issues through puzzles, games, fragments of cultural videos, movie trailers and songs, aiming to offer a new way of approaching the technical aspects of a certain language.

On this site users can share with others their personal experiences, thoughts, literary compositions or even short movies. The site encourages communication between people from the EU and offers the possibility to learn another language by articles, pictures, movies, etc

Offers language courses and interactive exercises for learning several languages, including Spanish, registration is free.

This blog offers free Spanish lessons. It gives the user the possibility to learn different Spanish words. By placing the cursor over a word, the user has two options, he can either hear the pronunciation of the word, or see a picture that is representative for it. Also, after learning some words, there is a game that helps the user practice what he was taught.  The words are divided into different categories, that refer to everyday life.

Romanian website with  materials for the study of languages, including Spanish. Suitable for beginners. The learning method is based on sounds and images can also see the word / phrase written.

This site offers Spanish courses online for free, containing personalized tutorials. One can learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary.  It also offers teacher training for Spanish. The courses are divided into categories, and the level for each category is specified. It also offers preparation courses for those that want to take a test in order to obtain an oficial diploma in Spanish.

This site offers free audio Spanish courses available for download. It is in the form of a story, that continues throughout multiple episodes. It also offers the possibility to buy a full transcript of all the Spanish words used in the audios, together with lesson notes and bonus listening materials that provide extra practice.

This site allows users to upload lessons in various languages and also offers them the possibility of learning through games. It also offers the possibility to listen to the words, in order to hear the pronunciation.

This site is structured into 6 categories for those who want to learn Spanish: resources, games, Spanish for kids, daily Spanish resources such as word of the day, phrase of the day or verb of the day; grammar,  verb conjugation and resources for teachers. It also incorporates a small translator and further links with references to Spanish schools,

Here you can find many resources that can prove useful when you want to learn Spanish. The site offers many free downloadable materials such as Spanish word of the month, words that describe physical appearance, 61 words hangman, common proverbs, etc. It is interesting, as it not only teaches the user a foreign language, but also approaches Spanish culture and everyday life.

The site offers free resources for learning Spanish, focusing on grammar and pronunciation. It also features audio files and video ones for some lessons. There are 24 chapters, each structured into multiple sub-chapters. It also has a free chat incorporated, where users can improve their language skills by simply talking to foreigners.

This site is available in English or german and it offers a very wide range of exercises. They are either focused on grammar or Spanish cultural heritage, situations and vocabulary. They are available for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. It also has a tool called verb conjugator that enables the user to conjugate any verb he introduces.

This site offers free audio lessons for learning Spanish, together with Spanish music, a dictionary and quiz. It is a site that is easy to use and very efficient seeing as the audio helps the user to better understand pronunciation and remember the things he has learned faster.

This site has a very comprising Spanish language tutorial. It is divided into 90 sections that deal with grammar, vocabulary and everyday situations. It also has exercises and an audio section.