CONTENTS  La  Dante Portal of art and literature: news, updating and novelties in the Italian cultural outline. talian exercises for foreigners, didactic videos, exercises to practise grammar and vocabulary, sayings, proverbs, tales, games, basic vocabulary and dictionaries.. Grammar, exercises, Italian courses, dictations, understanding texts, verbs, exercises for written comprehension, and listening practice. This site,  elaborated by the Language Centre of Ca� Foscari University in Venice, is hypertext-like and contains grammar tables, readings, poems, exercises and activities. This site is dedicated to verbs, sample verbs, irregular verbs and workbooks. This site, elaborated by RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, contains lots of news about Italy, words, punctuation, �docufiction�, activities  and examples of conversation.


This site, elaborated by Naples Universit� Orientale, contains several types of exercises (fill in the blanks,

quizzes, multiple choices, linking  different elements, crosswords, scrambled) and  texts. Materials to teach Italian to foreigners. This site is totally devoted to the teaching of Italian and has been organized by the Italian School in Rome and Oslo. It gives teachers and learners of Italian as L2 a series of materials like readings, exercises, tests with answers, games, etc. It uses texts from books and newspapers, films and songs. As each unit gives the answers, too, the activities can be used in class but also by people studying on their own. The level, elementary, intermediate or advanced, is always given. This is the site of GrammaWeb, an  essential grammar to improve one�s  knowledge of words and basic language competence thanks to tables of verb forms  for more than 10,000 verbs. (Registration is necessary to surf this site, but to register is free). A  Corriere della Sera Forum  devoted to  Italian; Giorgio di Rienzo  solves doubts and answers odd questions on  vocabulary and grammar. This site also offers many   quizzes. This site gives the possibility to find links concerning Italian music, among which the singers� official sites, the lyrics. This site offers a collection of Italian songs from different periods and allows people to download karapke versions of songs  (both sound and written texts). It classifies songs on the basis of their music genre. This website, organised by the Italian group in Liceo Sismondi, gives addresses with regularly updated links to other sites of Italian language and culture. It contains advice for readings and learning routes, in particular in the field of literature; short passages, grammar tables, interactive exercises to be done on line,  tests and exercises which can  be printed, and are classified on the basis of their contents.