It is a tool with educational materials, texts and forums that allow to develop structural competence of students of Portuguese, both as native language and / or foreign language.

Site where you can learn Portuguese, besides other languages, taking into account several different mother tongues of learners.


The Portuguese Language Observatory portal intends to make available information concerning the use of Portuguese as mother tongue, second and / or foreign language, and to deal with communication in the Internet, using essentially ICT - Information and Communication Technologies. In it you will find, besides the area for reflection and discussion forums, a space dedicated to the Portuguese language and culture, a school LP, with connections to ciberescola of Portuguese language, courses and lessons in Portuguese, as well as details of several sites where you can find resources for teaching and learning Portuguese.

The Communities of Teachers PLE - a digital space, created by a Brazilian teacher who teaches abroad, which seeks to share materials and resources, and to interact with other PLE and PLS teachers, and to give information about events in the educational and scientific area.


Portuguese Foreign Language in Spain is a blog with various exercises, activities, information and pointers to useful links for those who want to teach and learn Portuguese.

Site with lessons and free online Portuguese courses for initiation level, and other information about Portugal.

The Community of Portuguese Language Countries, established in 1996 and aimed at strengthening relations of friendship and cooperation between its members, as well as the defense and promotion of the Portuguese language, contains relevant information about the eight member countries in terms of their identity and characterization, providing a good source of information for a deeper knowledge of this Community and its place in the world.

The website of the International Institute of Portuguese Language develops combined activities in the context of the CPLP member countries, with a supranational character that articulates technical and financial efforts, having a blog that is constituted as a repository of information about the Portuguese language.

On this site you will easily find the Centro Virtual Camões, giving you access to a wide range of resources and activities aimed at promoting the teaching and learning of PLE, as well as the dissemination of the Portuguese language and its culture, in the following areas: learning; knowing; teaching; translatin, and e-learning. In the areas of learning and teaching materials, you will find activities and exercises that you can experiment in the classroom or independently, and you will be proposed, in the area of knowing, thematic databases, virtual exhibitions, an ethno-musical map, and a digital library with over 1200 titles.

This is a basic tool for learning many foreign languages​​, which includes the Portuguese language in its Brazilian variety, and contains interactive exercises and communicative activities simple.

This interactive multimedia course is designed primarily for developing skills of listening comprehension and oral expression. Beyond the Portuguese, it also offers these resources for English, Spanish and Romanian.

Space for verbal interaction between speakers of different languages, with the aim of developing effective communication in a virtual authentic interaction in a foreign language that the learner wants want to practice on a linguistic exchange.

PLE Porto - Community of Portuguese Language - is a site dedicated to sharing experiences and materials for learners of PLE, which, besides developing various skills, is a privileged space of intercultural awareness.

The International Society of Portuguese Language, created in Brazil, seeks to encourage research on language teaching and Portuguese foreign language and second language acquisition, as well as institutions dedicated to this area, containing a magazine and a teacher's space useful for updating professional.

The Spoken Web is a platform that seeks to promote the teaching and learning of English, Portuguese, French and Spanish in an e-learning environment, containing a set of proposals for basic communicative activities and exercises, with its key correction, as well as training articulation of the sounds of the studied language, with connection to various magazines, which can function simultaneously as reading material or resource to create activities and exercises.

It is a website that promotes the Portuguese language, providing information, discussions and clarification of doubts about the language. The site also offers an anthology of texts of Portuguese writers.

The website of the Portuguese Linguistic Society promotes the development of linguistic studies. It contains information about scientific events, as well as  the conference papers presented during the APL annual meetings.

This website allows to check the conjugation of the Portuguese regular and irregular verbs. 

Divided into two big domains, this website provides 22 dictionaries (of Portuguese language according to the Old and New Orthographic Agreement, bilingual, of verbs and of medical terms) and an encyclopaedia where you can find information about all knowledge domains.  

This website provides the Priberam Portuguese Language Dictionary, as well as a grammar, a verb conjugation tool and an area dedicated to clarifying linguistic doubts.

This website provides great variety of ludic-educational resources for children and young persons. Divided into many domains, you will find animations, videos, curiosities, games, as well as information about Portuguese geography and history.

The Portuguese Language Portal provides many linguistic resources, where you can find information about the orthography and syllabic division of the words, as well as data bases and various dictionaries (of foreign words, toponyms etc.)

The website Só Português promotes the Portuguese language, Brazilian variety. You can find here lots of materials, exercises, articles, curiosities, games and forums.