CONTENTS Online Russian language course for beginners, which was developed by the international partners of the European project "Be My Guest" with financial support from the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme. This course is intended primarily for people working in the field of international tourism (hotel and restaurant staff), but also for everyone who want to acquire basic Russian language skills. The course content is available for learners speaking English, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian languages.    

This portal is address to those who speak, study and love Russian language. Various dictionaries and reference books are at your disposal. You can use the portal library and read fiction, magazines, criticism, news, or play, as well as ask the language experts of the portal ГРАМОТА.РУ your questions about the Russian language.  
The site presents various dictionaries of Russian language as well as specialized economic, technical, medical dictionaries and encyclopaedias, which can be used online. A course of Russian for English speaking students (elementary and basic levels). The elementary level includes an introductory phonetic course with voice exercises, the Russian alphabet, grammar with exercises, Russian language games. The basic level contains two sections: Russian grammar and 24 conversational topics. Catalogue of Russian animated films The site about the Russian language and Russian culture addressed to students of Russian language, contains exercises, explanations of grammar, information about Russian literature, music, and Russian songs. Unique portal for fans of Russian songs and karaoke. Contains thousands of phonograms and catalogue with options  for search by songs and singers.  The users can sing their favourite songs and record their own performance directly on the site. At the portal forum they can communicate with friends and forum participants about everything related to karaoke and singing. This website in English language contains educational resources for learning the Russian language, explanations of grammar, exercises, tests, language games, video materials, list of 1000 the most common Russian words, etc Multilingual site with funny material and exercises for children in many languages, including Russian. Free registration required to use the materials.  A website offers to study the Russian language online at the portal Russia Today. The training course is designed for beginners and contains 100 lessons.   After every five lessons the learners are offered a test that helps them control their new language skills. Website (in English) for learners of Russian language The site contains a variety of educational games and learning materials for learners of Russian The electronic edition of the journal "Russian Language Abroad" A course for quick self study of Russian language. The methodology is specially designed for learners using computer. Educational computer program designed to study the Russian language. The course is aimed at the basic level of proficiency in Russian in accordance with the concept of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of  the Council of Europe.