Authors of the didactic unities

Teachers who tested the didactic unities


The project has been promoted by Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l�Europa � FENICE � Naples, Italy � a non-profit teacher association which supports any initiative favouring the integration of the intellectual resources of schools in the cultural growth of society, promotes and plans initiatives, training projects, refresher courses, the cultural improvement of  teachers as well as research and experimentation in the teaching field, and takes part in the research and development of technologies in order to make learning easier. Furthermore it publishes a review called �Scuol@Europa� sent to all secondary schools in Italy and a newsletter sent out three times a year in three languages (IT, EN, FR) all over Europe to institutions and policy makers. The newsletter contains information on its activities in transnational partnerships in European Projects (17 until now). The aim is to let a wider audience know the products and the methods developed by transnational partnerships, and to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences.


This project combines two European projects Grundtvig Learning Partnership, the first, carried out in the two-year-period 2008-2010, was dedicated to Italian, Romanian and Russian while the second one, to be realized from 2010 to 2012, is addressed to French and Spanish.


The FENICE�s partners in the first project were institutions from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovak:


In addition to the above the following institutions played an active role in the Partnership as ASSOCIATED PARTNERS


The FENICE�s partners in the second project are institutions from Romania and Spain:


In addition to the above mentioned, the following institutions will act as ASSOCIATED PARTNERS and will have an active role in the project: